Each breath, heartbeat, thought, and movement take place amongst chaos and calm.

Every instance is a happenstance to which we can attempt to understand.

Those understandings developed by individuals are the structure of religious beliefs, philosophies, and cognitive frameworks.

Good happens to those whom are good.

Bad happens to those whom are bad.

Bad happens to those whom are good.

Good happens to those whom are bad.

How legitimate is karma?

Does it have any validity?

Some will seek understanding beyond self.

Some will seek understanding of self.

Some will seek understanding of immediacy and moments.

Some will seek no understanding at all.

Development of religions, philosophies, and perceptions are to allow us to feel some sense of control amongst the chaos.

To feel at ease that maybe “everything happens for a reason.”

When really everything just happens.

The reasons are the religions, philosophies, and perceptions we turn to

Those perceptions and beliefs help us from spiraling into mental instability.

To delve into the depths of understanding is to fall into an loop of uncertainty.

We will seek to grasp what has occurred and frame it in a cognitive process that satisfies our beliefs and perceptions.

There will be instances where those will be challenged and possibly annihilated.

Leaving us scrambling for answers.

Resulting in possibly a restructuring of our beliefs and mental framework.

Thus the cycle begins.

Those may elect to seek only that which is superficial.

To refrain from seeking understanding.

To stay in a framework where they do not have to exert a significant amount of mental capacity.

To stay away from depth.

There has been some order discovered amongst the chaos.

Scientific theories and laws have been proposed and tested.

Actions causing reactions.

The need to understand has fueled intellectuals to discover some order; but, only so much of this exists within our lives.

Calm comes from a place of habitual acceptance.

The realization of chaos and whole hearted acceptance of said chaos is the calm.

Uncertainty is ever present.

Actions and reactions occur.

Happenstances are a reality.

Acceptance of these things may bring some peace of mind to the chaos of every instance.


It’s been too long

I remember when things were different

When I felt you with me all the time

You taught me about the person I was

You gave me the desire to change the lives of others

You were all I focused on

All I needed

Somewhere along the line we lost touch

I got distracted by insignificant happenings

I stopped talking to you

I stopped focusing on you

I let that feeling slip away

I let you go

But you never left

You stayed by my side through my avoidance

Now I realize the error of my ways

I want you back more than ever

I need that feeling again

I keep trying to feel for you but I think your pain is pushing me away

I accept it

Put it on my shoulders

Let me bear it

Through the tears, screaming, and pain

We will get through it

Your pain is my pain

Let me in so I can flourish once again

I can speak your words once again

I can love you once again

My love

The object that pumps life through my veins

My heart

Please let me in

Without you these words have no meaning

I’m not the man I should be unless I’m in touch with you

It’s been too long

But I’m ready if you are

Fear of Failure

Don’t be afraid to fail. Follow your instincts and go after what you feel is right. You know yourself better than anyone else. You’ve seen, felt, and experienced things in your own way. No one can tell you how you feel or what you know. We are all made of the same basic elements, but we all grow differently. We all have different life changing experiences. They make us who we are. Fear is natural and is accepted, but fear limits you. Overcoming a fear of failure will allow you to discover more about who you are. Embrace failure as a learning experience. As a way for you to grow and move forward. Fear of failure will limit you in what you venture out and experience. You are less willing to put yourself out there and experience all that life has to offer. Realize that everyone fails. No one can go through life without some hardship. When you do fail you must pick yourself up and keep going. Don’t be complacent. Don’t ever settle. If you find yourself too comfortable and unfulfilled then change things. Leave your job, find a new start somewhere, explore a new path, etc. Failure is a part of life, but one doesn’t have to be afraid to fail. Be resilient. Fight for yourself and what you believe in. Discover your purpose and you’re individual meaning of life. Don’t let fear hold you back from your destiny of greatness.


I refuse to believe that you have not been humbled

That you have lived your life without some pain and despair

Humility can come from many different instances and happenings

In that moment of declined dignity

When you are brought down from your perceived pedestal

You will have a choice

You can walk this new path cleared in the earth

Or you can climb up to the conceited path where you once stood

Humility stands as a reminder that we are human

To be humble is to be grounded

Do not interpret my words to mean throw away your confidence, your sense of self-worth, or your pride.

But do remember what it means to be humble

Remember what it means to make mistakes

To feel pain, sadness, and lowliness

While also remembering what you have going for you

Remember what everyday moments you should be thankful for

Remember how simple and yet complex life can be

And remember that it’s never as bad as it seems

Stay humble and grounded while feeling privileged and fortunate

Always be thankful


Kindness can change moods

A single act of kindness can change someone’s day

No matter the size of the act

The quality or length of words spoken

Kindness has a profound impact on the world around us

A simple hug

A caring word

A small gesture of thoughtfulness

Kindness brings about happiness and smiles

It eases worry and stress

It increases health both physically and mentally

Giving kindness to others creates friendships

Establishes unbreakable bonds

It restores a faith in humanity that may have been lost

Strive to always be kind

You may change someone’s life

Most importantly be kind to yourself

Do things for yourself to make yourself happy

Be compassionate, loving, and caring to yourself

Even if it’s a small gesture of kindness

You may change YOUR day for the better


Are your scales equally aligned

Are you indulgent

Are you abstaining

How are you using your time

How are you filling your day

Do you allow for rest

Do you let yourself heal

Have you felt the warmth of the sun

Have you felt the warmth of your bed

Do you spend time with your loved ones

Do you spend time alone

One can be focused on one entity

Losing sight of its equally important opposite

Don’t just balance your time

Balance your emotions and feelings

Don’t give all your love to others

Keep some for yourself

Be humbled

But don’t be passive

Be happy

But do not be naive

Have depth

But do not be depressed

Balance life

Balance time

Balance love

Find your balance to stay centered and upright


I’ve given my all to those who didn’t deserve it

I’ve taken all from those who deserved so much more

I’ve felt pain like shards tearing fibers of my beating heart

Screamed at the top of my lungs as a river of tears glided down my cheeks

My shirt has been the cloth to dry tears

The point where my shoulder meets my chest

Has been the cavity where people choose to scream

I know pain and I know suffering

I know what it’s like to be shattered

Pieces of yourself scattered as you scramble to gather

To assemble yourself together only to find something missing

A loss of the naive

I believe at some point in our lives our world is shattered.

An expectation broken

A relationship ended

An abuse sustained

A life taken

Something will happen that will cause pain

A pain that will change us forever

We will learn from it, grow from it, and be humbled by it

At least that is the hope

I’ve learned so much from pain and appreciate each lesson it brings

I don’t know all pain

I don’t know the pain of starvation

The pain of homelessness

The pain of a life threatening disease

The pain of war and violence

I’ve been taught to “step into others’ shoes

To see what they go through”

As I attempt to tie the laces

I realize I will only feel a certain extent of that pain

So I will listen

I will let you express it in a healthy way

Support you and help you rebuild

Pick up as many pieces as we can

To rebuild, to gather

To become better

I’ve had help in my pain

So for you I will do the same