Heartache of Love Unsatiated

It’s not pen to paper.

It’s not the the slight squeaking of graphite along lines.

It’s more than words.

It’s more than ideals.

It’s my soul screaming out to the world.

It’s my heart more powerful than ever. Feeling it will explode.

It wants to carry everything.

But I am just a man.

I am no hero, no God, no divinity.

Why does my heartache with so much love unsatisfied.

No matter how much pours out on this screen, there are no words for this.

I’m trying to manifest it.

I want you to see it for yourself.

I want you to know my heart.

I’ll cry.

I’ll break down.

Because for the first time I will be completely exposed.

I won’t hold anything back.

You’ve seen a glimpse inside, but my soul and being wants to show it all.

And now it hurts as these words escape.

I want to cry and have no idea why.

What if this heart is too strong.

How can I put it to use.

How can I take this feeling to change things.

Show me the way.

Show me the path to unconditional unequivocal love and happiness of life.



Self-reflection is the observation of oneself through his or her own eyes

It is the gateway to self understanding

To understand oneself one must take a long hard look at who you are

How you behave

How you think

How you feel

Why is it that way

What in your life has happened to bring about these characteristics

What experiences and events in your life have made you the way you are

Try and look objectively at your life

It is hard, because in a sense you have a mindset created from your past

You will cast judgement upon yourself

But provide objective and factual reasoning

Understand why your flaws are your flaws

Why your strengths are strengths

Use self understanding to guide you on a path of happiness

To fulfillment

To completion

Self understanding can allow you to work on yourself and improve your life

It is not an easy task

It takes a lot of mental capacity, time, and patience

Understanding will come to you while you self reflect, but it may not all come together at once

Write things down and piece it all together

Slowly but surely the puzzle that is you will be complete and you will feel whole and knowledgeable

You will be a better you


Enlightenment is defined as the action or state of attaining or having attained spiritual knowledge or insight. All enlightenment is individualized. I have come to the realization that my posts and notes are not for others but rather for myself. I have also realized that I have not yet reached my peak of enlightenment. I can look at my past and mentally acknowledge how far I’ve come emotionally and spiritually; however, I am still learning and growing. Every post of depth and reason is a look into my thoughts and my heart. I can not tell you how to live your life. I can not tell you to feel what I feel. We all experience different things throughout life. Those experience shape our life, shape our mind, shape our heart. One can not be forced into a deeper state of mind. You may not be aware of it. You may refuse to try. Who am I to try and encourage you. I am no greater than you. I can only tell you with these eyes how I see life. With this heart how I feel the world. With this mind how I understand the world. How you take these statements, poems, and writings is entirely up to you. I don’t want to change you or you’re way of thinking. Everything I put on here is an expression of myself.