To Write

This is the piece of me that I hold dear

More so recently than ever before

It is how I translate the beautiful chaos that surrounds me

Its imperfection is a reflection of mine

There’s no set form

No set rhyme

The product does look similar throughout

With short lines and thoughts

Words that describe and paint a picture

Ideas and mindsets that follow a pattern

Not one piece is truly finished or encompassing

I process and type

I let my mind dictate the direction

I share these pieces to those who I feel connected with first

To those who know me

The positive reactions surpass the negative

I am thankful for that

I share these to social media with one word titles

Are “likes” nice?

Of course

One loves to feel appreciated

In reality my intention has always been to inspire

To initiate thinking

To share a different view

A different way of thinking

To seek out others with similar thoughts

To share positivity

To share love

To tell people they are not alone

To help people

To sympathize

To talk about life

This piece of mine compiled of pieces

Combinations of letters and spaces

Is my art

I will share this with you

I hope you enjoy


Thankful Part 2

To everyone (yes that includes you)

This year as you gather with loved ones I challenge you to take a moment and look around at the faces that surround you. These are some of the most influential people in your life. These are relatives, friends, and significant others. These are the people who love you unconditionally, who support you no matter what, and who will have an impact on your life forever. Not every holiday is conventional, so if you are alone this holiday season then take a moment to remember. Remember as many moments you can of those who have touched your life in some way. Be thankful for every second you shared with them, especially if they do surround you today. In 28 years I have seen a lot of friends come and go, relationships start and end, family members here and then gone. Every person I’ve ever encountered has had a profound impact on me and the person I have become. Nothing is eternal. Nothing lasts forever. Every second you breathe should be cherished, because life is about something more than just existence. I love all of you. I say that now because I am not guaranteed tomorrow to say it then. No one is. I love every person who has come and shown me new ideas, new interests, challenged my beliefs, and accepted me for who I am beneath the skin. Some if not all of you have brought out the best in me and sometimes without me recognizing it, and for that I am incredibly thankful. Unfortunately sometimes it takes the loss of an important person to open your eyes to how much they have meant to you. So now more than ever tell whoever you can how much you appreciate them, love them, and are thankful for them. Get over grudges, work through hatred, and forgive bad times. Tell everyone who has ever had a positive impact on you, no matter how big or small, how much you appreciate them. I appreciate and love all of you, every single friend, family member, acquaintance, and coworker. You have all meant the world to me. I am eternally thankful for you.

Thankful Part 1

To be thankful for external things, one must first be thankful for what he/she sees in the mirror

My hair which catches the spring breeze

My eyes which capture the beauty of this world and all that surrounds me

My nose which enables me to identify the edibleness of delectable food and the sweetness of every flower

My mouth which allows me to taste the refreshing water and fulfilling bread

My ears that hear the stillness of the night, and the rush of the ocean

My legs which allow for superior movement to get me where I need to be

My arms which enable me to reach for a friend’s hand, or give him/her an embrace

My fingers to touch things in my world, and to caress the face of the one I love

My feet and toes to feel the sand below me, and to propel myself forward on this path

My mind that brings me intellect, thoughts, and memories

My heart that pumps blood through my veins keeping my body sustained

My personified heart which knows no limits, no bounds; which allows me to feel the deep sensations and feelings this world offers me

I am thankful for my being, my health, my life, and the opportunities I have been given. I am even more thankful for those who surround me like my friends and family

What are you thankful for?

Feel Human

I write about love

I write about happiness

I write about greatness

These things are moments throughout our lives

They may not be present as much as we would like

Life is the epitome of give and take

You have happiness and love for a period of time

You have pain and despair for a period of time

Most of these feelings are how you perceive what is around you

Our unique vision of this world causes many different emotions, mindsets, and values

Many different feelings may come from the same incident

Our reaction to things is ever-changing

We may feel sadness and then quickly anger

We may feel uncertainty and then happiness

As we grow our beliefs may change

Our values become prioritized

As we gain knowledge and insight we become in tune with how we react

We share blood, water, and skin

We share a desire to find our own happiness whatever it may be

We must remember to value and recognize our similarities

But cherish and hold on to the differences that define what it means to be human

Humanity is differently the same

Life is about living

Life is about experiencing

Life is about the good and the bad

Find what makes you feel human

Embrace that which makes you one of a kind

From Weakness to Strength

“Our strengths grow out of our weaknesses” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fear of weakness only causes an amplification of it

Avoidance of weaknesses stunts growth

From understanding weaknesses and their origins one can grow true strength

No one can elude weakness as a whole

Humans are prone to make mistakes

Perfection is futile

Recognizing what your weaknesses are and where they originate can allow you to grow from them and work on them

Utilizing what you perceive as your weaknesses and turning them into strengths is how you grow

For knowing yourself and your tendencies allows you to bring about a larger impact

Sit with your weaknesses as acquaintances

Listen to them

Let them tell you their story and their path into your life

Take that shame you feel from listening and turn it into power

Power to transform those who sit by you

Into the strengths you need to become more complete

Shattered Reflection

I writhe and shake

Words uttered softly under my breath

Tears flowing down my cheeks

Fingers through strands of hair

Squeezing them in agony

I step beyond this bed

Look back at myself

And I am broken and in pain

I see a mirror before me

Shattered reflecting the broken pieces of me

Shards of my destiny on the floor

As I desperately scramble to assemble them

They cut deep into my soft flesh

Piercing my kind heart

This mirror must be assembled

I must accept these broken pieces of me

And find the strength and courage to put it together

Pull myself together and become stronger

Become a better and more complete man

I must not waiver

I must not give up

Piece by piece I must discover myself

My heart

My soul

My drive

What makes me who I am

How does it all fit together

This mirror of myself broken and in pieces

Will reflect back a future of hope and being

A knowledge of myself and where I am going

The mirror will turn into the door I must walk through

To find my path.


Don’t just exist. Live, feel, and love. Live every day as though you won’t see the next. Live in every moment. Feel what it’s like to be alive. Try to feel every emotion every day. Be aware of what happiness is, what sadness is, what fear is, what anger is. Embrace every emotion. Find what speaks to you not just on an intellectual level, but on an emotional level. Discover a hobby that makes you feel something deeper than just the normal routine of every day life. For me music is what encourages me to tap into a deeper frame of mind. For you it may be sitting by a gently moving creek, driving to no particular destination, being surrounded by the ones you love, etc. Whatever it may be, try and experience it once a day. Fall in love with the person you are. Love your accomplishments, your strengths, and love the fact that you are not perfect. No one can attain perfection. Mistakes will be made and you must accept and move on from them. Accept the flaws you can not change, and work on those which you know you can. Always strive to be a better person than yesterday. Do this only for you and no one else. Change is inevitable and is constant. You must keep working to reach your full potential. You have a purpose and meaning. You can’t fully change the world that surrounds you and make it better before you do the same for yourself. Follow your heart and that burn you feel inside. Don’t hold anything back. Experience everything you can in this short time we walk this earth. If you believe in the divine, look to get as close to that divinity as possible. It will change your life, you will want to become a better person. Whatever may fuel you, whatever drives you to be the best you can be, don’t ever let it go. Live this life as much as you can, stop existing within it.