A relational concept

That compares and contrasts

A habit which we develop at a young age

Through experiences of self

How our cognition processes events

Developed by years of learned correlations

Through consequences and rewards

Quick to judge

Is synonymous with close mindedness

However instant judgment is inescapable

Through conditioning we make a brief judgment

Have you learned to create space from that initial conception?

To allow for more information to become available

To learn more about a situation or person

Without biases

Your initial judgement may be correct

May be incorrect

But it’s how you determine that

And your willingness for that to be determined

That is important

You ultimately determine how you judge

You’re life has given you those experiences to make that determination

In relation to others

How judgmental are you?

Shall you judge yourself?



As light crashes with darkness

Pastels splashed across the canvas of sky

Rays spreading to the unknown

A new day is coming

What beauty does light illuminate

What contrast does darkness illustrate

For one is not known without the other

Darkness will teach preservation

As the moon and stars twinkle amongst a sea of black

Eyes become adjusted to seek the light

For when brightness of civilization spreads upward

A cloud of illumination masks nature’s nightlights

Move towards barren lands

The abyss of darkness will be speckled with beautiful bright lights

Without darkness there is no measure of light

As I come from a place of darkness

I measured my light within it’s grasp

Its malleability allowed for the darkness to overcome

Light flaring from me

The tip of flames dancing

Fading into the night

Overcome by a black hole

Mine flickered trying to maintain strength

Removed from that darkness

Strengthening its potential by feeding the flames

Infusing more power

Finding other light to utilize

Don’t take advantage

Then the darkness owned will come forward

Use any darkness to contrast the light

Realizing it’s true nature

Not to be manipulated

To harness, cherish, and share

True full illumination

As rays reach far

Touching peers

Light becomes dominant

Be with more suns

Past twilight

Pumping Notes through My Veins

You are so dynamic, so diverse, and yet so universal

As I scream to you at the top of my lungs

My voice cracking trying to reach your ascent

I may not have a perfect voice but I don’t care

I get lost within you

You speak to me in a way nothing else can

I can take you with me on the road with the windows down and the world to hear

My friends and I love you unconditionally

We continue to discover more about you

More things we fall for

You have the perfect words for every situation

You say them in a way I only wish I could think of

You continue to change and adapt

I love the old you

And I love the new you

You speak for my heart and soul

Come with me where ever I go and let me sing to you

Let me listen in silence as I think about life

You are my escape and my drug

And when my time here is done

I know my life will have been filled with you

And I will live on through you

You instill everlasting memories

Which are recalled upon your first chords

You bring about tears

You by yourself move the hearts of many

You are the universal language of love, pain, happiness, despair

Of all emotions, thoughts, and feelings

You bring people from all walks of life together

In admiration of you

Each note pumps from my speakers and headphones to my eardrums

And my heart follows your beat

I feel whole

To music,

Love Ben