Body and Soul


Six Feet Under

Uncertainty engulfs our every step

Names etched in trees, surrounded by hearts, and numbered with dates

The rings that slide over our fingers to signify unity

Each inhale and exhale, the inflation and deflation of our lungs

Every minute, every moment, all uncertain

With every stride, we are so lucky to be alive

Yet when do you realize how lucky you are to be breathing?

What does it take for anyone to understand the fragile life we all lead?

Death? A new birth? An illness that could’ve taken your life?

When you recall memories of friends, acquaintances, or those who you had a falling out with

Those memories before they passed on

Does uncertainty come to mind?

Six feet under the ground is our destiny

No matter your accomplishments, your riches, your morals

No matter your mistakes, crimes, or indiscretions

You, like me, will have a home in the earth

Forget religion. Forget Heaven and Hell

Our bodies which we try so hard to keep in tact

Or with which we throw away and abuse

Will become food six feet into the ground

Uncertainty surrounds our lives every day

But when we take our last breath

When our eyes close

And our blood stops flowing

Our heart stops beating

Then we are certain to be gone

Death can come so quickly

Or can be the only escape from pain

But whether death is painful or peaceful

Doesn’t change the immense amount of sorrow that comes with it.

With all the pain, and fear that comes with death

For every teardrop which feeds the earth on which we stand while we look six feet under

A feeling of certainty is finally present