A light breeze rushes through every hair, lifting it, rejuvenating back to life

The soft grass bending under every inch of the body, the smallest supports of my world

Eyes open, breath steady, skin warm reflecting rays of sun

One yellow butterfly, one minuscule creation from this God people look towards

An essence of beauty, a representation of life, a life worth living

Its flight glorious, its wings graceful in this steady wind

Oh what a feeling to be gliding graciously through air

To live just beyond the reaches of gravity

Only to lose strength and energy, and to land

Show me love beautiful creature of this world

Land gently on my face, stay and show this world the connection

The connection its creatures share

Lift me on those gentle fragile wings, and let us be one

Wind blows, trees sway, the air crisp and clean

This creature of my world illustrates a need for love


A gentle breeze, a beautiful day, a feeling of warmth

Do not dismiss that tiny creature who cannot speak

We are all creatures, who bleed, and breath

This statement of the butterfly needs no words



See everything with your heart not your eyes

Let it touch those around you instead of your skin

Speak from it, not your mind, and leave not a single word behind

You are not alone, or one of your kind

You intertwined with every individual crossing your path

They have same basic make up as you

Hair, skin, bones, and blood

Never take anything you have for granted

Let music speak the language of your soul

No matter what beat, melody, or riff

Relate every lyric to you and your life

Be true to yourself

Don’t falter at the feet of others

Do not let others force into a mold

Stand true, stand tall, and be you

I of all people will appreciate you

And if no one else does

At least someone out there loves you

Life is deeper than the frost on your December window

It has more meaning than the dictionaries we hold

Don’t see. Feel

Depth can come with pain

Without pain and sorrow there is no contrast to happiness

Enjoy both sides of the spectrum

Dive in