Enlightenment is defined as the action or state of attaining or having attained spiritual knowledge or insight. All enlightenment is individualized. I have come to the realization that my posts and notes are not for others but rather for myself. I have also realized that I have not yet reached my peak of enlightenment. I can look at my past and mentally acknowledge how far I’ve come emotionally and spiritually; however, I am still learning and growing. Every post of depth and reason is a look into my thoughts and my heart. I can not tell you how to live your life. I can not tell you to feel what I feel. We all experience different things throughout life. Those experience shape our life, shape our mind, shape our heart. One can not be forced into a deeper state of mind. You may not be aware of it. You may refuse to try. Who am I to try and encourage you. I am no greater than you. I can only tell you with these eyes how I see life. With this heart how I feel the world. With this mind how I understand the world. How you take these statements, poems, and writings is entirely up to you. I don’t want to change you or you’re way of thinking. Everything I put on here is an expression of myself.