It’s Been Too Long

I remember when things were different

When I felt you with me all the time

You taught me about the person I was

You gave me the desire to change the lives of others

You were all I focused on, all I needed

Somewhere along the line we lost touch

I got distracted by insignificant happenings

I stopped talking to you, I stopped focusing on you

I let that feeling slip away. I let you go

But you never left. You stayed by my side through my avoidance

Now I realize the error of my ways.

I want you back more than ever.

I need that feeling again.

I keep trying to feel for you but I think your pain is pushing me away

I accept it, put it on my shoulders, let me bear it

Through the tears, screaming, and pain

We will get through it

Your pain is my pain

Let me in so I can flourish once again

I can speak your words once again

I can love you once again

My love.

The object that pumps life through my veins.

My heart.

Please let me in. Without you these words have no meaning.

I’m not the man I should be unless I’m in touch with you.

It’s been too long, but I’m ready if you are