Body and Soul


Thankful Part 2

To everyone (yes that includes you)

This year as you gather with loved ones I challenge you to take a moment and look around at the faces that surround you. These are some of the most influential people in your life. These are relatives, friends, and significant others. These are the people who love you unconditionally, who support you no matter what, and who will have an impact on your life forever. Not every holiday is conventional, so if you are alone this holiday season then take a moment to remember. Remember as many moments you can of those who have touched your life in some way. Be thankful for every second you shared with them, especially if they do surround you today. In 28 years I have seen a lot of friends come and go, relationships start and end, family members here and then gone. Every person I’ve ever encountered has had a profound impact on me and the person I have become. Nothing is eternal. Nothing lasts forever. Every second you breathe should be cherished, because life is about something more than just existence. I love all of you. I say that now because I am not guaranteed tomorrow to say it then. No one is. I love every person who has come and shown me new ideas, new interests, challenged my beliefs, and accepted me for who I am beneath the skin. Some if not all of you have brought out the best in me and sometimes without me recognizing it, and for that I am incredibly thankful. Unfortunately sometimes it takes the loss of an important person to open your eyes to how much they have meant to you. So now more than ever tell whoever you can how much you appreciate them, love them, and are thankful for them. Get over grudges, work through hatred, and forgive bad times. Tell everyone who has ever had a positive impact on you, no matter how big or small, how much you appreciate them. I appreciate and love all of you, every single friend, family member, acquaintance, and coworker. You have all meant the world to me. I am eternally thankful for you.

The One

This feeling of ecstasy coming over me

I’ve never been here before, but I know exactly what to do

Come grab my hand and I’ll take the lead

I can see the excitement bursting from your deep blue eyes

You smile with intense joy and its perfection melts all darkness away

We rush out into the daylight

Hand in hand

Each heart beating like never before

I’ve never felt this before, but I know exactly what this is

We take the car and drive on this endless road

And I turn to you and say…

If we drove forever would you be mine for that time?

If I chased each pastel sunset, would you be by my side?

If Salt in the Snow kept playing, would you sing every line?

I won’t let you answer, there’s still more to say…

I know I can’t keep up with the sun, and the night sky will shine

Did you know you can lay your cheek to my chest anytime?

When your cold and shivering, will you let my heart keep you warm?

Will you let me in, and tear down your walls, so we can make it through any storm?


You stop me and I pull over

Looking deep into my eyes, with a love I’ve never seen before

You smile that smile that keeps me falling, wanting more

Who knew the three words you say could steal me away

As the wind blows through each strand of your long luscious hair

You place your hand on my chest

And my heart tells you where it wants to go

It knows you, it knows this is right, will you let me relive this moment for the rest of my life?

Heartache of Love Unsatiated

It’s not pen to paper.

It’s not the the slight squeaking of graphite along lines.

It’s more than words.

It’s more than ideals.

It’s my soul screaming out to the world.

It’s my heart more powerful than ever. Feeling it will explode.

It wants to carry everything.

But I am just a man.

I am no hero, no God, no divinity.

Why does my heartache with so much love unsatisfied.

No matter how much pours out on this screen, there are no words for this.

I’m trying to manifest it.

I want you to see it for yourself.

I want you to know my heart.

I’ll cry.

I’ll break down.

Because for the first time I will be completely exposed.

I won’t hold anything back.

You’ve seen a glimpse inside, but my soul and being wants to show it all.

And now it hurts as these words escape.

I want to cry and have no idea why.

What if this heart is too strong.

How can I put it to use.

How can I take this feeling to change things.

Show me the way.

Show me the path to unconditional unequivocal love and happiness of life.