I’ve given my all to those who didn’t deserve it

I’ve taken all from those who deserved so much more

I’ve felt pain like shards tearing fibers of my beating heart

Screamed at the top of my lungs as a river of tears glided down my cheeks

My shirt has been the cloth to dry tears

The point where my shoulder meets my chest

Has been the cavity where people choose to scream

I know pain and I know suffering

I know what it’s like to be shattered

Pieces of yourself scattered as you scramble to gather

To assemble yourself together only to find something missing

A loss of the naive

I believe at some point in our lives our world is shattered.

An expectation broken

A relationship ended

An abuse sustained

A life taken

Something will happen that will cause pain

A pain that will change us forever

We will learn from it, grow from it, and be humbled by it

At least that is the hope

I’ve learned so much from pain and appreciate each lesson it brings

I don’t know all pain

I don’t know the pain of starvation

The pain of homelessness

The pain of a life threatening disease

The pain of war and violence

I’ve been taught to “step into others’ shoes

To see what they go through”

As I attempt to tie the laces

I realize I will only feel a certain extent of that pain

So I will listen

I will let you express it in a healthy way

Support you and help you rebuild

Pick up as many pieces as we can

To rebuild, to gather

To become better

I’ve had help in my pain

So for you I will do the same

Shattered Reflection

I writhe and shake

Words uttered softly under my breath

Tears flowing down my cheeks

Fingers through strands of hair

Squeezing them in agony

I step beyond this bed

Look back at myself

And I am broken and in pain

I see a mirror before me

Shattered reflecting the broken pieces of me

Shards of my destiny on the floor

As I desperately scramble to assemble them

They cut deep into my soft flesh

Piercing my kind heart

This mirror must be assembled

I must accept these broken pieces of me

And find the strength and courage to put it together

Pull myself together and become stronger

Become a better and more complete man

I must not waiver

I must not give up

Piece by piece I must discover myself

My heart

My soul

My drive

What makes me who I am

How does it all fit together

This mirror of myself broken and in pieces

Will reflect back a future of hope and being

A knowledge of myself and where I am going

The mirror will turn into the door I must walk through

To find my path.