Shattered Reflection

I writhe and shake

Words uttered softly under my breath

Tears flowing down my cheeks

Fingers through strands of hair

Squeezing them in agony

I step beyond this bed

Look back at myself

And I am broken and in pain

I see a mirror before me

Shattered reflecting the broken pieces of me

Shards of my destiny on the floor

As I desperately scramble to assemble them

They cut deep into my soft flesh

Piercing my kind heart

This mirror must be assembled

I must accept these broken pieces of me

And find the strength and courage to put it together

Pull myself together and become stronger

Become a better and more complete man

I must not waiver

I must not give up

Piece by piece I must discover myself

My heart

My soul

My drive

What makes me who I am

How does it all fit together

This mirror of myself broken and in pieces

Will reflect back a future of hope and being

A knowledge of myself and where I am going

The mirror will turn into the door I must walk through

To find my path.