To Write

This is the piece of me that I hold dear

More so recently than ever before

It is how I translate the beautiful chaos that surrounds me

Its imperfection is a reflection of mine

There’s no set form

No set rhyme

The product does look similar throughout

With short lines and thoughts

Words that describe and paint a picture

Ideas and mindsets that follow a pattern

Not one piece is truly finished or encompassing

I process and type

I let my mind dictate the direction

I share these pieces to those who I feel connected with first

To those who know me

The positive reactions surpass the negative

I am thankful for that

I share these to social media with one word titles

Are “likes” nice?

Of course

One loves to feel appreciated

In reality my intention has always been to inspire

To initiate thinking

To share a different view

A different way of thinking

To seek out others with similar thoughts

To share positivity

To share love

To tell people they are not alone

To help people

To sympathize

To talk about life

This piece of mine compiled of pieces

Combinations of letters and spaces

Is my art

I will share this with you

I hope you enjoy


From Weakness to Strength

“Our strengths grow out of our weaknesses” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fear of weakness only causes an amplification of it

Avoidance of weaknesses stunts growth

From understanding weaknesses and their origins one can grow true strength

No one can elude weakness as a whole

Humans are prone to make mistakes

Perfection is futile

Recognizing what your weaknesses are and where they originate can allow you to grow from them and work on them

Utilizing what you perceive as your weaknesses and turning them into strengths is how you grow

For knowing yourself and your tendencies allows you to bring about a larger impact

Sit with your weaknesses as acquaintances

Listen to them

Let them tell you their story and their path into your life

Take that shame you feel from listening and turn it into power

Power to transform those who sit by you

Into the strengths you need to become more complete


To wake from a world of seemingly endless darkness

To see light and gain an understanding

What is this heartbeat?

What is this pulse?

I look and seek, but these strangers are cold

No life, no reading on their monitors

Flat lines

I was in darkness, I was confused

But my eyes were opened

I understood the significance of my heart

I see the steady rate on this device hooked to my body

And it all makes sense

I know my heart’s strength

I know my heart’s size

If I could share it with the world I would

Then hatred would die, pain would be healed

And the world would be ok

But I must save this heart

As a guide

To another whose heart rate is as mine

Whose has no flat line


Self-reflection is the observation of oneself through his or her own eyes

It is the gateway to self understanding

To understand oneself one must take a long hard look at who you are

How you behave

How you think

How you feel

Why is it that way

What in your life has happened to bring about these characteristics

What experiences and events in your life have made you the way you are

Try and look objectively at your life

It is hard, because in a sense you have a mindset created from your past

You will cast judgement upon yourself

But provide objective and factual reasoning

Understand why your flaws are your flaws

Why your strengths are strengths

Use self understanding to guide you on a path of happiness

To fulfillment

To completion

Self understanding can allow you to work on yourself and improve your life

It is not an easy task

It takes a lot of mental capacity, time, and patience

Understanding will come to you while you self reflect, but it may not all come together at once

Write things down and piece it all together

Slowly but surely the puzzle that is you will be complete and you will feel whole and knowledgeable

You will be a better you