No matter the destination

Focus on the journey

The path you follow

Wherever it may lead

Be mindful of it

Embrace its complexity

Adore its beauty

Move past it’s hurdles

There may be bridges to cross

Bridges that fall

Bridges that burn

There may be people that pass

People to pass

Or people headed in a different direction

Don’t analyze your pace

Don’t let others sway you on your way

Own this journey

It is your own

Your own feet gliding across the ground

Your own legs pushing you further

Your own hips swinging back and forth

All of you moving in synchronization

Feel this movement and appreciate it

You are as unique as each step you take

You will never take the same one twice

So enjoy your way as you progress down this path

And don’t look too far to the horizon

Look up, look around you, look beneath you

Breath in the air as it grazes your face and runs through your hair

Feel the warmth of the sun as it hits your skin

You’re in this moment

In this place

Enjoy your journey


Oh How I Wander

Oh how I wander

My eyes fixated on the dance of leaves in the wind

The gliding flight of clouds in the sky

I stare longingly into the sun

Its rays bending around and piercing through the white

These images hold my attention

They leave me in awe and thoughtless

Oh how I wander

Thoughts will race with no finish line in sight

One thought will lead me down a path to the unknown

While I walk more pull me in different directions

I get lost within the wilderness of my mind

Future pulls me one way

Past drags me another

No sense of direction

No sense of home

Oh how I wander

I take a breath

Close my eyes and accept this state

Slowly as I inhale and exhale

I try and find a center

The sporadic images



Continue to barrage me

Oh how I wander

I can sense my heart rate rise

My palms sweat

Sensing my stomach I breath through it

Home is not far now

Clearing the distraction and the wilderness

I see the moment I wish to capture

I am in the present

I do not wander